"Live life colossal, Leonardo da Vinci Flows" the words in Picasso Baby by Jay-Z where the background tunes to Chanel's spring 2014 show. Joining Jay-Z and Marina Abramovic past performance, Karl Lagerfeld has "challenged the audiences' intellect, imaginations and emotional core"(nytimes) Just as he stunned, Lagerfeld also brings irony in his ephemeral art gallery, "...people who overact to art. It's all become a little too much(nytimes). It is true that somehow the message can sometimes be lost in translation in the art scene, but one should not let outside noise stop the experimental mind. The individual or group must experiment in order to find an ending result. We must realize this transformation in contemporary lifestyle as a vivid exhibition of individual expressionism, in the runways, streets, galleries, homes, studios etc. True in many attempts they become cliches but the importance is the continuous attempt and the colossal participation.

Inspired by Lagerfields show, Jay-Z and Abramovic's performance, and Le21ème (photography) motto "This is not a street style blog. This is your photo-journalistic view into the daily world of fashion from cities and Fashion Weeks around the world. This is a portal into the lives of others, making moments tangible." I salute and applaud the spontaneous individual expressionism found present all over the world.

the artist is present!